JRP How To Purchase Photos

Joanna Ransom Photography is a web-based Small Business. I do not at this time have the resources for a brick and mortar, Studio, Gallery, Print house and  Office. So the solution to this problem is an ONLINE BUSINESS and STOREFRONT that handles all of my hosting and printing needs. You can purchase high-quality prints and canvas options, also on my site you can purchase images as a single print or as part of a package. You can also have your photo’s printed on merchandise. All Prints and Products are MADE IN THE USA. The Company Photo Shelter is Located in New York, USA. Most Orders are printed and shipped and arrive at your location in a week.

I have set up my website to be as user-friendly as possible. You can find your photos listed in the GALLERY Tab if they are not listed on the main page. I currently have well over 20,000 photos Listed on my Website. They are organized by event or location.


How to purchase photos from JRP. It has a few steps but you will find this gives you the consumer more buying options.


  1. Click the Buy Image Tab in  Red at the Bottom Right side of the Image
  2. This adds the image to your cart. In the upper right corner, you can choose PRINTS, PRODUCTS, or PACKAGES. Let’s start with Prints.
  3. PRINTS: Choose the size Options are Wallet “2.5 x 3.5″ all the way to 40″X 60” in. Prints. HERE YOU WILL SEE THE PRICES FOR EACH PHOTO> Now Choose The Lustre /Matte/ or Glossy Finish. Click the  – or + quantity tab right next to the Luster tab on the same line for the number of prints you want.
  4. Click  ADD TO CART… you will then see the photos that are in your cart.
  5. Check Out: Minimum Purchase amount is $10.00  you will see your photos and below the photo, you will see three tabs next to the word Crop* Fill/ Fit/ And Manual. You have the option at this point to adjust how the image fits on the paper, the red line is the border.
  6. You will also see your subtotal with tax and shipping. If you have a coupon code click the blue highlighted tab.
  7. Click CHECK OUT Blue Tab choose the shipping option that fits your needs and budget. Click/ Continue: this takes you to payment options. Check the box licensing agreement and pay with Pay Pal Tab ( this just takes you to the options page if you want to pay with Credit Card its listed Here. Enter your payment method information and you’re done.
  8. When Purchasing merchandise the method is basically the same.
  9. PACKAGES: Choose the image then the Buy Image Tab. in the upper right corner choose the package. Then choose the package option you want to scroll down there are lots of options. Click the round dot to the left of the desired package.  this takes you to the photos listed in that gallery, drag and drops the photos to the desired size listed above, Pick the finish Luster Matte Glossy. then Click SAVE SELECTION, now go to ADD TO CART tab and finish the payment process listed above. It is very user-friendly there are prompts and guides listed all the way through the purchase process.
  10. If you want to purchase multiple images from the same gallery another single print option is single click one image then click the red ADD TO CART option in the upper right corner. this takes you to a screen that lists all the photos in your galley. Then follow the prompts.

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