JRP How Photography works in the modern digital world.

My business is Joanna Ransom Photography.

I have worked very hard to build my business, I have invested a lot of time, energy, and resources to make it a success. I rebuilt my website so my customers could easily purchase prints and products. If you ask me to remove my watermark or give you the original photos for free you are undermining my business and basically asking me to work for free. I have tried to price my photo sessions at a reasonable price for my area. I have a Download option on my website for a lower resolution photo and yes my watermark is on my photo, the photos are my product, time, energy, equipment, and artistic talent. I am following a Boutique Photography Business model.

I am no longer going to give away, My Digital photos.

I have tried to be compassionate and understanding, however, every time I conceded and gave them to the customer, they take my photos and never order prints or products from my website, and sadly they never call back for more photos. They post the photos on their social media, they don’t give me credit and they crop my watermark off the image. To be honest this is completely disrespectful and rude. If this was your artwork, how would you feel?

If you have a problem with my business model, I encourage you to read the following article this will help you understand why I can no longer sell my business short and give away my creative intellectual artistic talent. If you don’t want to pay my completely fair and competitive prices, I encourage you to find another photographer.

SAMANTHA QUINN: What You’re Really Paying For When Hiring A Photographer.

Photography equipment including a professional digital SLR camera and light meter with a blank notebook“What? $1500.00 to hire a photographer? It’s just a picture. Anyone with a phone can do this. Tell you what, I’m willing to shell out 200 bucks. Tops. Better yet, I’ll get my cousin Andrea to take it. She took a photography course a few years back…”So here’s the deal… A professional photographer is more than someone you hire for a few hours who simply click a shutter button and then hands you some photos. We’re way outside of “Cousin Andrea” territory.

You’re not only paying for those hours you spend together, you’re paying for their expertise, their creative eye, their years of experience, and the heart they put into the time you spend together. It’s not an easy thing to try and capture the essence of what a client wants – whether that’s wedding photos, baby photos, corporate photos – you name it. These days there’s a lot of confusion and uncertainty that comes when searching for a photographer. Especially in 2016 when pretty much everyone who can hold a camera makes a Tumblr and an artsy Instagram account and calls themselves a photographer. But if you want a professional photographer who’s going to give you great results, you need to do the research. That means checking out and comparing websites, pricing, packages, talking with the photographer over email or phone and even meeting up with them before the event. That way you can get a real feel for the person before working with them. If you don’t click right off the bat chances are it may not work out. Oh, and that’s a two-way street: while you’re interviewing them, they’re interviewing you. So let’s take a look at everything a photographer has paid for in order to perfectly capture and immortalize your big moment.

Schooling: Many people don’t believe this should be considered when thinking about your photographer but it has to be factored in. Think of it this way; you’re paying them back for the hundreds of hours of schooling and education that they’ve put in to get this good.

Equipment: The list and the prices are endless when considering how much equipment your photographer could be using for your shoot alone! This could include camera bodies (most photographers have two), lenses, flash, lighting equipment, battery packs, chargers, camera bags, lens filters, stabilizers…To name but a few!

Insurance: Camera insurance. It’s a nightmare and a savior. Your photographer will most likely be paying either a monthly or yearly fee to protect their equipment, and the prices of insurance vary immensely depending on the amount of gear they own. Let’s not forget about business insurance. Those costs are even higher if your photographer has a studio of their own.

Editing Time: Most photographers charge per hour for editing time after the shoot. Which can vary depending on how long the shoot took, and which type of editing needs to be applied. Editing time can range from one hour to 16 hours of editing. If not more!Editing Equipment: Photographers pay through the nose for Adobe software, it’s an expense that comes into consideration on your invoice. Usually, this is included under editing time. Plus let’s not forget about that big magical device that allows your photographer to do all of this: their computer.

Mileage and Transportation: If a photographer is going out of town during any part of your work relationship, they will charge you for their gas or just bill you their mileage. And if it’s far enough away, you will need to start thinking about the hotel and per diem expenses during their trip.

Studios and Locations: Whether it’s the photographer’s personal studio or if they’re renting it out for your shoot, studios are not cheap. A fee will also be charged if you want your photographer to plan and scout locations. Receiving the Photos.

: Some photographers give back photos on a thumb drive or CD. Others use mail programs like Dropbox, WeTransfer, Flickr, etc. All of which can cost a fee for the photographer. Photography is never an easy job. Each shoot is different and a lot has to be taken into account to make your vision come true. The truth is that bad photography is ultimately more expensive than good photography. If you wind up with photos you don’t like, all you’ve done is waste your money. And if those photos are of a birthday or wedding, well… yikes! But one thing you’ll never regret are beautifully rendered, high-quality photographs that you can display and treasure for the rest of your life. Remember, you’re paying for a moment in time to be captured forever.

So next time you’re in search for a photographer… Remember that you are paying for quality. If a photographer is charging $200 for some big glamorous shoot, it’s likely $200 for a reason. Be smart when looking for your photographer. Don’t pick the first one that pops up on your search engine. Don’t pick a photographer because he or she is the cousin of a friend of your co-worker. Pick them because you like who they are, you’re impressed with their previous work, and you think they would do the best job in capturing your vision. Let’s not forget about the most generous gift your photographer gives you: Delete the terrible photos of you!

Please look at the following graph this is how I actually spend my time.

After reading all that you might be asking; why do I want to be a photographer?

Because I love it! I’m an artist I love the creative and artistic challenges photography offers. Yes, I have a lot of competition, but My passion for photography is what makes me a better choice as your family photographer.

JRP’s New Website On Smug Mug!


I heard you! Some of my clients were having trouble navigating my old website so I searched the Web and found a great New Home at Smug Mug. They Are Local and Made in the USA. They offer Ease of use Prints and Merchandise all Produced in the USA. On the Main Page You will find Galleys organized by Subject.

Please go visit and check it out.

Best Photos of 2021 Photos by Joanna Ransom, photographer.

Photographers’ choice, what an amazing year 2021 has been for amazing Photos. It was so hard to choose from the thousands of photos I have shot this year. This is a collection of my favorites. Every photo session is unique because of the people or subject, I have learned to not force things to just allow things to happen, be ready to push the button. I chose this group of photos not because they are perfect but because when I took the shot, I felt a click in my heart, or they just made me happy.

All about the Bride and Her Dress, JRP Studios custom built Photography Experience. Contact Joanna Ransom Photography For more information and pricing. Joannaransom.smugmug.com

I love the contrast in this photo, rough weathered wood and soft vintage lace.
This is a wonderful shot on the porch of the Rebecca’s Lodge in Coulterville California.
Ageless taken in 2021 but could have been 1850. In historuc Hornitos California.
Merced River, Mariposa California Bride and Her Dress with The lovely Ashley modeling this vintage lace wedding dress.

I am offering a new unique photography experience for my customers. This is a custom built photo session around you your dress and local historic areas in Mariposa Ca. Email me to set up a appointment and make a one of a kind plan just for you and your dress. Purespeedphoto@gmail.com

Bodie Ghost Walk

In the summer Bodie State Park, one of the last surviving ghost towns in California, once a month during the summer hosts Ghost walks. During this very exclusive event Bodie stays open until 10pm to give guided tours at night in a real ghost town tell ghost stories and learn about the Stars. The photographers who are brave enough to take on night photography show up at 4pm and make a plan, tripods and cameras in hand.

We arrived at bodie late afternoon as I grabbed my gear and made my way to scout locations and map the moon on my phone app. I had to walk a gauntlet of Photographers who were set up to photograph the church and the setting sun. Normally its bad form to walk in front of another photographer shooting however, twenty photographers lined up simi blocking the entrance I took my chances and apologised.

I have learned to always keep an eye on the sun and the sky especially when the golden hour is approaching seeing the droves of photographers focused on the same subject, I chose instead a spot with more of a wide open feel featuring one of the Bodie trucks and the Mercantile in the foreground. The photo above shows my choice.

Filament Light Bulbs.
You could hardly see the very dim lights through the window. A long exposure and the rising moon lit the building perfectly, and the long exposure also magnified the dim lights and gave them a ominus glow.
Lonely Ghost
Main Street Bodie.
One of the last photos of the night most everyone had left I turned and looked down the street to see a man walking it struck me as haunting.
Haunted Car
In my many years of visiting Bodie this Sedan is always a focal point. For this shot I put my flash light in the cab and took another long exposure photo the happy surprise was the night sky and the windows of the barn. You will also notice a streak of light in the upper left that was caused by exiting vehicle but it gives a ghostly effect.
Bodie Flat Bed Truck.
The moon and a flash light helped with this eerie photo. I love photographing this truck it has a great personality.
Is that a ghost photo bomber?
This a what happens to me allot, I’m set up for a shot and something random happens.
In this case its a dog with a flashing collar running around having a great night. what made it interesting was the long exposure that I was set up for to catch the moon light and filament lights. ©Joanna Ransom Photography 2018
Night Falls on Bodie.
Special Thanks to Kevin
He is always willing to accompany me on my crazy photo adventures.
He has a creative eye and he saw this shot, notice the light from the exiting cars in the distance behind the barn.

I recommend this photography adventure, just a reminder be prepared with multiple flashlights one with a red lens so you dont disturb other photographers and mess up everyone’s night vision. Dress warm nights at 9000 foot elevation are cold!! Bring extra batteries the cold drains them quick. Do your homework and above all have fun.

Photos are available for purchase on my Website at https://purespeedphoto.photoshelter.com/gallery/Bodie-State-Park-Ghost-Walk/G0000kk1rUjxfBaI/C0000ZuExiNUCgt8

Bodie State Park is on Facebook and has events all year go like their page to get updates on events. https://www.facebook.com/events/810950086026565/

New For 2020 Stories behind the photos.

As a photographer I’m passionate about my photography, in my photography travels, I sometimes find myself in interesting sometimes challenging situations. When dealing with people and events you never know what is coming down next so be ready and as a photographer this requires me to be on my best game, ready to adapt and think quickly.

In photography today the viewing audience takes for granted a pretty picture, what they don’t consider is what the photographer had to do to get that shot the planning preparation and delivery to make it happen. Sometimes the story behind the photo adds another elemental level to the photo and a deeper appreciation of the photographer’s passion, skills and determination to share with you an amazing experience.

In 2020 My goal is to add photos that have great stories behind them some are perfect some are taken with little planning and hurried composition but they are always worth the adventure.

JRP Meet the Photographer Joanna Ransom

Hello! From Joanna,

I am a professional photographer based in Mariposa California. If you have visited my website you will have noticed the many different facets of my photography. I am continually trying to step out of my comfort zone and try something new while improving my technique and personal style. Joanna Ransom Photography

I grew up in Mariposa Ca. and have strong family and community ties in Mariposa and the surrounding communities. I grew up exploring Yosemite and the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Every photographer’s perspective of the world is influenced by their experiences, hence my environment, family and friends played a part in shaping my unique view and what I see through my lens. My family consists of very creative and talented people that influenced me and added to my vision of the world.

As a photographer, my preference for Event photography is a documentary style. For Portraits, I like to incorporate the person being photographed, interests and hobbies if possible. For Scenic and Nature photos, I like to go on adventures, down roads to off the beaten path locations. Automotive photography holds a special place in my heart, I love photographing cars out on the road driving or with a fun backdrop. Wedding Photography is a combination of many things but my main goal is to document the special day in the most creative way as it presents itself. I’m willing to travel in and around California to capture that special moment in time.

I am constantly reading and studying to keep my mind alert and ready for the next photo shoot. I have also learned to look and listen to the surrounding environment and most importantly my instincts and heart, I have found them to be excellent guides.

This is my business and my income I have worked hard to get to this level of photography. I attended college and have an AA Degree in photography. In the future, I plan to add to my degree and include a BA in Photography and Media. They say you have to take at least 10,000 photos to even get your foothold in photography, I have lost count of the photos I have taken, I’m currently standing somewhere around 80,000 photos taken and I’m still learning new things every time I pick up my camera or sit down to start editing. You never stop learning.

My website has thousands of photos, feel free to wander and roam through the Galleries, most photos are for sale and available with many printing options. Send me an Email if you would like to book a photo shoot or an event.   purespeedphoto@gmail.com

I am more than happy to work with my photography customers to get the best photos. However, please do not waste my time. I’m a small business person, my time is money and now more than ever, I need to make the most of it. Serious photography clients please contact me. Time wasters please enjoy the photos on my website. Joanna Ransom Photography.

Thank You,  Joanna Ransom


“Photography starts with the first step, that step leads to passion. Photograph what you love, always watch for the unexpected.”

JRP Mothers Day With My Mom

Mothers Day 2016

We started at Castillo’s Restaurant in Mariposa For Lunch. Mom had her Favorite Chicken Tacos. Then we went to KOA in Midpines to get another on mom’s Fav’s Fresh Homemade Fudge Made Daily. Then off to Briceburg and a drive to cable Rock to look at my Nephews Aarons ongoing masterpiece (with help from The BLM guys Dave and George,) the Slate Stair Case to Cable Rock Beach. After posing for photos we went wildflower hunting. The river canyon was bursting with hundreds of different flowers, thanks to all the Rain. We had a great low impact day out.

JRP Home School Kids Photo Shoot

Attention: Mariposa and Oakhurst Communities

I’m looking for all parents of HOMESCHOOLERS that are interested in having School Photos Done!

I would like to talk to you, I want to set up a photo day for all the home school kids in Mariposa and Oakhurst. I’m going to go to that community and set up a photo set. I’m going make appointments for each group in advance. In Mariposa, It will be at the Fairgrounds. I’m working on a location in Oakhurst. I will set a date when I see how much interest is expressed.

Please share this link and have all the Home School parents interested contact me at purespeedphoto@gmail.com  I’m going to put together a list and depending on interest figure out pricing. The more interest the better the price on sitting fee’s. All the kids photos will be based on a basic background like the above example. The Idea is Really nice photos for the kids and families.  I would also like to offer a group photo of the kids in each family, like a class photo.

You can visit my Facebook Page at Joanna Ransom Photography on FaceBook

and feel free to visit my Website at Joanna Ransom Photography Website.

JRP Modern Tech & Photography

Driven to Capture Life Special Moments in Time

June Lake Loop Road

Joanna Ransom Photography is stepping boldly into the future. We now have sites all over the net, we are on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Society6, and Tumbler just look for purespeedphoto. We are also now able to take payments on site with “Square” Credit Cards, Debit Cards, American Express and as always Cash is also accepted. We also have A PayPal option and a go fund me site. Go Fund Me Joanna Ransom Photography

You can find JRP on Vimeo JRP on Vimeo  And let’s not forget Youtube. I have a channel here too. JRP on Youtube

I just want to share some fun facts; Photography today is forever growing with technology and while it’s never been a better time to be a photographer, it is also a mountain to climb on a daily basis. Keeping up with new software and camera equipment is a challenge.

I have set up my business online for this reason. Having a web-based business allows me flexibility and cuts down on cost. You can order prints of all types, merchandise everything from coffee mugs to shower curtains. feel free to contact me if you see one of my photos that you would like to incorporate into a design element of your home or workspace, I will do what I can to accommodate you.

While I would love to have a big studio and impress everyone with four walls and lots of expensive air to fill it. I have chosen a platform that fits with my constantly changing photographic lifestyle. Truth be told, I would rather photograph people outside in the most awesome studio around, Earth. I shoot on location, I scout out the location in advance when I have the option. I look at light, lines, vantage points. The number of technical things and elements I think about when I’m shooting would make you dizzy. I love what I do. Every time I pick up my camera, I step out of my comfort zone. Every time I get better, like any tool if you don’t work with it regularly you will never develop the skill to use it properly.

I apologize to all of you who need to walk into a photography studio so you can feel like your getting your value per dollar, I’m not trying to run you off, I just want you to consider a bigger box with more options.

Support your local cottage industry web-based business like Joanna Ransom Photography.