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Joanna Ransom

Hello From Joanna,

I am a professional photographer based in Mariposa California. If you have visited my website you will have noticed the many different facets of my photography. I am continually trying to step out of my comfort zone and try something new while improving my technique and personal style. Joanna Ransom Photography

I grew up in Mariposa Ca. and have strong family and community ties in Mariposa and the surrounding communities. I grew up exploring Yosemite and the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Every photographer’s perspective of the world is influenced by their experiences, hence my environment, family and friends played a part in shaping my unique view and what I see through my lens. My family consists of very creative and talented people that influenced me and added to my vision of the world.

As a photographer, my preference for Event photography is a documentary style. For Portraits, I like to incorporate the person being photographed, interests and hobbies if possible. For Scenic and Nature photos, I like to go on adventures, down roads to off the beaten path locations. Automotive photography holds a special place in my heart, I love photographing cars out on the road driving or with a fun backdrop. Wedding Photography is a combination of many things but my main goal is to document the special day in the most creative way as it presents itself. I’m willing to travel in and around California to capture that special moment in time.

I am constantly reading and studying to keep my mind alert and ready for the next photo shoot. I have also learned to look and listen to the surrounding environment and most importantly my instincts and heart, I have found them to be excellent guides.

This is my business and my income I have worked hard to get to this level of photography. I attended college and have an AA Degree in photography. In the future, I plan to add to my degree and include a BA in Photography and Media. They say you have to take at least 10,000 photos to even get your foothold in photography, I have lost count of the photos I have taken, I’m currently standing somewhere around 80,000 photos taken and I’m still learning new things every time I pick up my camera or sit down to start editing. You never stop learning.

My website has thousands of photos, feel free to wander and roam through the Galleries, most photos are for sale and available with many printing options. Send me an Email if you would like to book a photo shoot or an event.   purespeedphoto@gmail.com

I am more than happy to work with my photography customers to get the best photos. However, please do not waste my time. I’m a small business person, my time is money and now more than ever, I need to make the most of it. Serious photography clients please contact me. Time wasters please enjoy the photos on my website. Joanna Ransom Photography.

Thank You,  Joanna Ransom


JRP Mothers Day With My Mom

Mothers Day 2016

We started at Castillo’s Restaurant in Mariposa For Lunch. Mom had her Favorite Chicken Tacos. Then we went to KOA in Midpines to get another on mom’s Fav’s Fresh Homemade Fudge Made Daily. Then off to Briceburg and a drive to cable Rock to look at my Nephews Aarons ongoing masterpiece (with help from The BLM guys Dave and George,) the Slate Stair Case to Cable Rock Beach. After posing for photos we went wildflower hunting. The river canyon was bursting with hundreds of different flowers, thanks to all the Rain. We had a great low impact day out.

JRP Home School Kids Photo Shoot

Attention: Mariposa and Oakhurst Communities

I’m looking for all parents of HOMESCHOOLERS that are interested in having School Photos Done!

I would like to talk to you, I want to set up a photo day for all the home school kids in Mariposa and Oakhurst. I’m going to go to that community and set up a photo set. I’m going make appointments for each group in advance. In Mariposa, It will be at the Fairgrounds. I’m working on a location in Oakhurst. I will set a date when I see how much interest is expressed.

Please share this link and have all the Home School parents interested contact me at purespeedphoto@gmail.com  I’m going to put together a list and depending on interest figure out pricing. The more interest the better the price on sitting fee’s. All the kids photos will be based on a basic background like the above example. The Idea is Really nice photos for the kids and families.  I would also like to offer a group photo of the kids in each family, like a class photo.

You can visit my Facebook Page at Joanna Ransom Photography on FaceBook

and feel free to visit my Website at Joanna Ransom Photography Website.

JRP Modern Tech & Photography


Driven to Capture Life Special Moments in Time

June Lake Loop Road

Joanna Ransom Photography is stepping boldly into the future. We now have sites all over the net, we are on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Society6, and Tumbler just look for purespeedphoto. We are also now able to take payments on site with “Square” Credit Cards, Debit Cards, American Express and as always Cash is also accepted. We also have A PayPal option and a go fund me site. Go Fund Me Joanna Ransom Photography

You can find JRP on Vimeo JRP on Vimeo  And let’s not forget Youtube. I have a channel here too. JRP on Youtube

I just want to share some fun facts; Photography today is forever growing with technology and while it’s never been a better time to be a photographer, it is also a mountain to climb on a daily basis. Keeping up with new software and camera equipment is a challenge.

I have set up my business online for this reason. Having a web-based business allows me flexibility and cuts down on cost. You can order prints of all types, merchandise everything from coffee mugs to shower curtains. feel free to contact me if you see one of my photos that you would like to incorporate into a design element of your home or workspace, I will do what I can to accommodate you.

While I would love to have a big studio and impress everyone with four walls and lots of expensive air to fill it. I have chosen a platform that fits with my constantly changing photographic lifestyle. Truth be told, I would rather photograph people outside in the most awesome studio around, Earth. I shoot on location, I scout out the location in advance when I have the option. I look at light, lines, vantage points. The number of technical things and elements I think about when I’m shooting would make you dizzy. I love what I do. Every time I pick up my camera, I step out of my comfort zone. Every time I get better, like any tool if you don’t work with it regularly you will never develop the skill to use it properly.

I apologize to all of you who need to walk into a photography studio so you can feel like your getting your value per dollar, I’m not trying to run you off, I just want you to consider a bigger box with more options.

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