Bodie Ghost Walk

In the summer Bodie State Park, one of the last surviving ghost towns in California, once a month during the summer hosts Ghost walks. During this very exclusive event Bodie stays open until 10pm to give guided tours at night in a real ghost town tell ghost stories and learn about the Stars. The photographers who are brave enough to take on night photography show up at 4pm and make a plan, tripods and cameras in hand.

We arrived at bodie late afternoon as I grabbed my gear and made my way to scout locations and map the moon on my phone app. I had to walk a gauntlet of Photographers who were set up to photograph the church and the setting sun. Normally its bad form to walk in front of another photographer shooting however, twenty photographers lined up simi blocking the entrance I took my chances and apologised.

I have learned to always keep an eye on the sun and the sky especially when the golden hour is approaching seeing the droves of photographers focused on the same subject, I chose instead a spot with more of a wide open feel featuring one of the Bodie trucks and the Mercantile in the foreground. The photo above shows my choice.

Filament Light Bulbs.
You could hardly see the very dim lights through the window. A long exposure and the rising moon lit the building perfectly, and the long exposure also magnified the dim lights and gave them a ominus glow.
Lonely Ghost
Main Street Bodie.
One of the last photos of the night most everyone had left I turned and looked down the street to see a man walking it struck me as haunting.
Haunted Car
In my many years of visiting Bodie this Sedan is always a focal point. For this shot I put my flash light in the cab and took another long exposure photo the happy surprise was the night sky and the windows of the barn. You will also notice a streak of light in the upper left that was caused by exiting vehicle but it gives a ghostly effect.
Bodie Flat Bed Truck.
The moon and a flash light helped with this eerie photo. I love photographing this truck it has a great personality.
Is that a ghost photo bomber?
This a what happens to me allot, I’m set up for a shot and something random happens.
In this case its a dog with a flashing collar running around having a great night. what made it interesting was the long exposure that I was set up for to catch the moon light and filament lights. ©Joanna Ransom Photography 2018
Night Falls on Bodie.
Special Thanks to Kevin
He is always willing to accompany me on my crazy photo adventures.
He has a creative eye and he saw this shot, notice the light from the exiting cars in the distance behind the barn.

I recommend this photography adventure, just a reminder be prepared with multiple flashlights one with a red lens so you dont disturb other photographers and mess up everyone’s night vision. Dress warm nights at 9000 foot elevation are cold!! Bring extra batteries the cold drains them quick. Do your homework and above all have fun.

Photos are available for purchase on my Website at

Bodie State Park is on Facebook and has events all year go like their page to get updates on events.

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