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June Lake Loop Road

Joanna Ransom Photography is stepping boldly into the future. We now have sites all over the net, we are on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Society6, and Tumbler just look for purespeedphoto. We are also now able to take payments on site with “Square” Credit Cards, Debit Cards, American Express and as always Cash is also accepted. We also have A PayPal option and a go fund me site. Go Fund Me Joanna Ransom Photography

You can find JRP on Vimeo JRP on Vimeo  And let’s not forget Youtube. I have a channel here too. JRP on Youtube

I just want to share some fun facts; Photography today is forever growing with technology and while it’s never been a better time to be a photographer, it is also a mountain to climb on a daily basis. Keeping up with new software and camera equipment is a challenge.

I have set up my business online for this reason. Having a web-based business allows me flexibility and cuts down on cost. You can order prints of all types, merchandise everything from coffee mugs to shower curtains. feel free to contact me if you see one of my photos that you would like to incorporate into a design element of your home or workspace, I will do what I can to accommodate you.

While I would love to have a big studio and impress everyone with four walls and lots of expensive air to fill it. I have chosen a platform that fits with my constantly changing photographic lifestyle. Truth be told, I would rather photograph people outside in the most awesome studio around, Earth. I shoot on location, I scout out the location in advance when I have the option. I look at light, lines, vantage points. The number of technical things and elements I think about when I’m shooting would make you dizzy. I love what I do. Every time I pick up my camera, I step out of my comfort zone. Every time I get better, like any tool if you don’t work with it regularly you will never develop the skill to use it properly.

I apologize to all of you who need to walk into a photography studio so you can feel like your getting your value per dollar, I’m not trying to run you off, I just want you to consider a bigger box with more options.

Support your local cottage industry web-based business like Joanna Ransom Photography.







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