Ferris Wheel Time Laps

You never know when inspiration will strike. I had played around with time lapse at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk but due to blowing wind and sand off the ocean my lenses was constantly dirty and the images suffered… However, When I saw the Ferris wheel at the local Fair I was inspired again. I put this video together, it has over 400 single images and keeps in mind each image took 2 to 5 mins of long ex-poser to capture. And Also I had to wait for the ride to be loaded and unloaded that added some time. The Still images are available on my website if you see one you really like. Inside scoop on why these are great shots, LED lights, they blink to the human eye and are exciting however they form a pattern when taken with long ex-poser and you never know what you’re going to get… Enjoy. Link to Still Photos of Ferris Wheel.

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