Bodie Ghost Walk

In the summer Bodie State Park, one of the last surviving ghost towns in California, once a month during the summer hosts Ghost walks. During this very exclusive event Bodie stays open until 10pm to give guided tours at night in a real ghost town tell ghost stories and learn about the Stars. The photographers who are brave enough to take on night photography show up at 4pm and make a plan, tripods and cameras in hand.

We arrived at bodie late afternoon as I grabbed my gear and made my way to scout locations and map the moon on my phone app. I had to walk a gauntlet of Photographers who were set up to photograph the church and the setting sun. Normally its bad form to walk in front of another photographer shooting however, twenty photographers lined up simi blocking the entrance I took my chances and apologised.

I have learned to always keep an eye on the sun and the sky especially when the golden hour is approaching seeing the droves of photographers focused on the same subject, I chose instead a spot with more of a wide open feel featuring one of the Bodie trucks and the Mercantile in the foreground. The photo above shows my choice.

Filament Light Bulbs.
You could hardly see the very dim lights through the window. A long exposure and the rising moon lit the building perfectly, and the long exposure also magnified the dim lights and gave them a ominus glow.
Lonely Ghost
Main Street Bodie.
One of the last photos of the night most everyone had left I turned and looked down the street to see a man walking it struck me as haunting.
Haunted Car
In my many years of visiting Bodie this Sedan is always a focal point. For this shot I put my flash light in the cab and took another long exposure photo the happy surprise was the night sky and the windows of the barn. You will also notice a streak of light in the upper left that was caused by exiting vehicle but it gives a ghostly effect.
Bodie Flat Bed Truck.
The moon and a flash light helped with this eerie photo. I love photographing this truck it has a great personality.
Is that a ghost photo bomber?
This a what happens to me allot, I’m set up for a shot and something random happens.
In this case its a dog with a flashing collar running around having a great night. what made it interesting was the long exposure that I was set up for to catch the moon light and filament lights. ©Joanna Ransom Photography 2018
Night Falls on Bodie.
Special Thanks to Kevin
He is always willing to accompany me on my crazy photo adventures.
He has a creative eye and he saw this shot, notice the light from the exiting cars in the distance behind the barn.

I recommend this photography adventure, just a reminder be prepared with multiple flashlights one with a red lens so you dont disturb other photographers and mess up everyone’s night vision. Dress warm nights at 9000 foot elevation are cold!! Bring extra batteries the cold drains them quick. Do your homework and above all have fun.

Photos are available for purchase on my Website at

Bodie State Park is on Facebook and has events all year go like their page to get updates on events.

New For 2020 Stories behind the photos.

As a photographer I’m passionate about my photography, in my photography travels, I sometimes find myself in interesting sometimes challenging situations. When dealing with people and events you never know what is coming down next so be ready and as a photographer this requires me to be on my best game, ready to adapt and think quickly.

In photography today the viewing audience takes for granted a pretty picture, what they don’t consider is what the photographer had to do to get that shot the planning preparation and delivery to make it happen. Sometimes the story behind the photo adds another elemental level to the photo and a deeper appreciation of the photographer’s passion, skills and determination to share with you an amazing experience.

In 2020 My goal is to add photos that have great stories behind them some are perfect some are taken with little planning and hurried composition but they are always worth the adventure.

JRP Meet the Photographer Joanna Ransom

Hello! From Joanna,

I am a professional photographer based in Mariposa California. If you have visited my website you will have noticed the many different facets of my photography. I am continually trying to step out of my comfort zone and try something new while improving my technique and personal style. Joanna Ransom Photography

I grew up in Mariposa Ca. and have strong family and community ties in Mariposa and the surrounding communities. I grew up exploring Yosemite and the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Every photographer’s perspective of the world is influenced by their experiences, hence my environment, family and friends played a part in shaping my unique view and what I see through my lens. My family consists of very creative and talented people that influenced me and added to my vision of the world.

As a photographer, my preference for Event photography is a documentary style. For Portraits, I like to incorporate the person being photographed, interests and hobbies if possible. For Scenic and Nature photos, I like to go on adventures, down roads to off the beaten path locations. Automotive photography holds a special place in my heart, I love photographing cars out on the road driving or with a fun backdrop. Wedding Photography is a combination of many things but my main goal is to document the special day in the most creative way as it presents itself. I’m willing to travel in and around California to capture that special moment in time.

I am constantly reading and studying to keep my mind alert and ready for the next photo shoot. I have also learned to look and listen to the surrounding environment and most importantly my instincts and heart, I have found them to be excellent guides.

This is my business and my income I have worked hard to get to this level of photography. I attended college and have an AA Degree in photography. In the future, I plan to add to my degree and include a BA in Photography and Media. They say you have to take at least 10,000 photos to even get your foothold in photography, I have lost count of the photos I have taken, I’m currently standing somewhere around 80,000 photos taken and I’m still learning new things every time I pick up my camera or sit down to start editing. You never stop learning.

My website has thousands of photos, feel free to wander and roam through the Galleries, most photos are for sale and available with many printing options. Send me an Email if you would like to book a photo shoot or an event.

I am more than happy to work with my photography customers to get the best photos. However, please do not waste my time. I’m a small business person, my time is money and now more than ever, I need to make the most of it. Serious photography clients please contact me. Time wasters please enjoy the photos on my website. Joanna Ransom Photography.

Thank You,  Joanna Ransom


“Photography starts with the first step, that step leads to passion. Photograph what you love, always watch for the unexpected.”

JRP Mothers Day With My Mom

Mothers Day 2016

We started at Castillo’s Restaurant in Mariposa For Lunch. Mom had her Favorite Chicken Tacos. Then we went to KOA in Midpines to get another on mom’s Fav’s Fresh Homemade Fudge Made Daily. Then off to Briceburg and a drive to cable Rock to look at my Nephews Aarons ongoing masterpiece (with help from The BLM guys Dave and George,) the Slate Stair Case to Cable Rock Beach. After posing for photos we went wildflower hunting. The river canyon was bursting with hundreds of different flowers, thanks to all the Rain. We had a great low impact day out.

JRP Home School Kids Photo Shoot

Attention: Mariposa and Oakhurst Communities

I’m looking for all parents of HOMESCHOOLERS that are interested in having School Photos Done!

I would like to talk to you, I want to set up a photo day for all the home school kids in Mariposa and Oakhurst. I’m going to go to that community and set up a photo set. I’m going make appointments for each group in advance. In Mariposa, It will be at the Fairgrounds. I’m working on a location in Oakhurst. I will set a date when I see how much interest is expressed.

Please share this link and have all the Home School parents interested contact me at  I’m going to put together a list and depending on interest figure out pricing. The more interest the better the price on sitting fee’s. All the kids photos will be based on a basic background like the above example. The Idea is Really nice photos for the kids and families.  I would also like to offer a group photo of the kids in each family, like a class photo.

You can visit my Facebook Page at Joanna Ransom Photography on FaceBook

and feel free to visit my Website at Joanna Ransom Photography Website.

JRP Modern Tech & Photography

Driven to Capture Life Special Moments in Time

June Lake Loop Road

Joanna Ransom Photography is stepping boldly into the future. We now have sites all over the net, we are on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Society6, and Tumbler just look for purespeedphoto. We are also now able to take payments on site with “Square” Credit Cards, Debit Cards, American Express and as always Cash is also accepted. We also have A PayPal option and a go fund me site. Go Fund Me Joanna Ransom Photography

You can find JRP on Vimeo JRP on Vimeo  And let’s not forget Youtube. I have a channel here too. JRP on Youtube

I just want to share some fun facts; Photography today is forever growing with technology and while it’s never been a better time to be a photographer, it is also a mountain to climb on a daily basis. Keeping up with new software and camera equipment is a challenge.

I have set up my business online for this reason. Having a web-based business allows me flexibility and cuts down on cost. You can order prints of all types, merchandise everything from coffee mugs to shower curtains. feel free to contact me if you see one of my photos that you would like to incorporate into a design element of your home or workspace, I will do what I can to accommodate you.

While I would love to have a big studio and impress everyone with four walls and lots of expensive air to fill it. I have chosen a platform that fits with my constantly changing photographic lifestyle. Truth be told, I would rather photograph people outside in the most awesome studio around, Earth. I shoot on location, I scout out the location in advance when I have the option. I look at light, lines, vantage points. The number of technical things and elements I think about when I’m shooting would make you dizzy. I love what I do. Every time I pick up my camera, I step out of my comfort zone. Every time I get better, like any tool if you don’t work with it regularly you will never develop the skill to use it properly.

I apologize to all of you who need to walk into a photography studio so you can feel like your getting your value per dollar, I’m not trying to run you off, I just want you to consider a bigger box with more options.

Support your local cottage industry web-based business like Joanna Ransom Photography.







Full Circle, Mothers and Daughters

I’m the proud mother of these two beautiful intelligent and talented young women.

Bre has grown into an amazing young woman, the clothes and accessories you will see in these photos, she made. She taught herself how to sew and then quickly upgraded to an industrial sewing machine to handle the leather and other thicker materials she wanted to incorporate into her designs. She is also a painter and musician. Bre plays guitar and ukulele. You can find Bre’s creations on her ETSY site Crystal Grenade Co.

Cas, Has also grown into an amazing young woman, she is an excellent makeup artist. She is an imaginative pen and ink, abstract artist. She sells her art all over the world. She is also a musician, she plays guitar, native American flute. You will find her art at Lycan Art.

As a mother, my dream for my daughter’s was that they would be an independent, self-confident and creative woman. As mothers we know first hand the challenges our daughters face in the world, I wanted my daughters to be empowered. The road has been long and challenging, each day brings new bumps and twists in the road of life, but these two women have always impressed me in their ability to rise above in all and shine.

Fashion Show -7805

The photo shoot. In life sometime’s you have a perfect day. Sunday, April 24th, 2016 was a perfect day. Everything just worked the wind, the sun, the clouds. As a photographer I see the details the technical side of capturing the moment, I wanted so much for this to be a great day for my daughters and myself. Bre had been working on her creations and was in a sales slump and wanted to take her website to the next level. She drove 9 hours from northern Ca. to meet up with Cass and me for this photo shoot. Cass and I had scouted locations for weeks, then we found the perfect spot in Mariposa County. We both prayed the wildflowers and the weather would work with us and not betray us. After two hours of Cass working on Bre and her own makeup, we loaded the photo gear, props, clothes and ourselves into the truck and headed to the photo shoot location.

At the Location. The Sun shining the sky was blue with puffy white clouds, The flowers were still blooming and new ones had popped up. The grass was green and the water still filled the creek. Thank God for small miracles. I got set up and Bre and Cas got ready. What happened next was magic. The wind blew just enough the clothes cooperated and I balanced on rocks with the girls to get the best shots. Here are just a few of my favorite ones. You can find more on my website. Bre and Cas Fashion Show Please go visit our sites and get to know the artists. I’m very proud of these amazing woman, they have grown into the creative amazing woman. I always kept an art bag in the car they were both constantly doodling, I’m so glad I did it was just one small thing but it allowed their imagination to grow and talent to bloom.





JRP Automotive Photography/PSAP


Photography shoot Fees Start at $100.00 (travel fees and special project fees will be extra.)

JRP is the Event and Family is only part of my Photography business, Pure Speed Automotive Photography is the other half of JRP. I have a passion for Cars and Photography. I have massive archives of car photos everything from car shows to stock photos. I specialize in custom photos of classic and Collector Cars. I can photograph and build you a special automotive show book. I can Photograph your Car for a special online sale presentation of High-quality images. I can photograph your car for special insurance requirements with high-quality detail photos of your collector car. I specialize in photographing car cruises and special car events. I’m also a collector car owner and understand to special needs and requirements of collector cars. Contact me at




JRP How To Purchase Photos

Joanna Ransom Photography is a web-based Small Business. I do not at this time have the resources for a brick and mortar, Studio, Gallery, Print house and  Office. So the solution to this problem is an ONLINE BUSINESS and STOREFRONT that handles all of my hosting and printing needs. You can purchase high-quality prints and canvas options, also on my site you can purchase images as a single print or as part of a package. You can also have your photo’s printed on merchandise. All Prints and Products are MADE IN THE USA. The Company Photo Shelter is Located in New York, USA. Most Orders are printed and shipped and arrive at your location in a week.

I have set up my website to be as user-friendly as possible. You can find your photos listed in the GALLERY Tab if they are not listed on the main page. I currently have well over 20,000 photos Listed on my Website. They are organized by event or location.


How to purchase photos from JRP. It has a few steps but you will find this gives you the consumer more buying options.


  1. Click the Buy Image Tab in  Red at the Bottom Right side of the Image
  2. This adds the image to your cart. In the upper right corner, you can choose PRINTS, PRODUCTS, or PACKAGES. Let’s start with Prints.
  3. PRINTS: Choose the size Options are Wallet “2.5 x 3.5″ all the way to 40″X 60” in. Prints. HERE YOU WILL SEE THE PRICES FOR EACH PHOTO> Now Choose The Lustre /Matte/ or Glossy Finish. Click the  – or + quantity tab right next to the Luster tab on the same line for the number of prints you want.
  4. Click  ADD TO CART… you will then see the photos that are in your cart.
  5. Check Out: Minimum Purchase amount is $10.00  you will see your photos and below the photo, you will see three tabs next to the word Crop* Fill/ Fit/ And Manual. You have the option at this point to adjust how the image fits on the paper, the red line is the border.
  6. You will also see your subtotal with tax and shipping. If you have a coupon code click the blue highlighted tab.
  7. Click CHECK OUT Blue Tab choose the shipping option that fits your needs and budget. Click/ Continue: this takes you to payment options. Check the box licensing agreement and pay with Pay Pal Tab ( this just takes you to the options page if you want to pay with Credit Card its listed Here. Enter your payment method information and you’re done.
  8. When Purchasing merchandise the method is basically the same.
  9. PACKAGES: Choose the image then the Buy Image Tab. in the upper right corner choose the package. Then choose the package option you want to scroll down there are lots of options. Click the round dot to the left of the desired package.  this takes you to the photos listed in that gallery, drag and drops the photos to the desired size listed above, Pick the finish Luster Matte Glossy. then Click SAVE SELECTION, now go to ADD TO CART tab and finish the payment process listed above. It is very user-friendly there are prompts and guides listed all the way through the purchase process.
  10. If you want to purchase multiple images from the same gallery another single print option is single click one image then click the red ADD TO CART option in the upper right corner. this takes you to a screen that lists all the photos in your galley. Then follow the prompts.

JRP Real Estate Photography

I photographed Real Estate while I lived in the bay area. I’ve listed just a few of the hundreds of homes I worked on in and around the greater bay area from

Monterey to San Francisco. I look forward to helping the mountain region realtors sell home with the best photos of their listings.

Quotes start at $150.00 for a small home (example 2 bed 2 baths)

Large homes will be custom quoted.

I’m currently working on pricing packages. Based on home size and travel time and job site shoot time, photo processing time.

I can do Panos, stills and short videos. I will give you the images you choose from the group to post on your website. Servicing the Mariposa and Oakhurst real estate professionals.  Contact me at or visit my website example page at JRP Real Estate Examples. I look forward to hearing from you.