Full Circle, Mothers and Daughters

I’m the proud mother of these two beautiful intelligent and talented young women. Bre has grown into an amazing young woman, the clothes and accessories you will see in these photos, she made. She taught herself how to sew and then quickly upgraded to an industrial sewing machine to handle the leather and other thickerContinue reading “Full Circle, Mothers and Daughters”

JRP Family Event Photography

Family event Starts at $150.00 depending on the size of the group. Kids Birthdays are custom quoted depending on party size and activities. Family Event Photography is one of my favorite photography jobs. If you are planning a big family celebration, Birthdays, Anniversary’s, Baby Showers, or just a Big Family get together, You need me.Continue reading “JRP Family Event Photography”

JRP Wedding Photography

About The Photographer: My Name Is Joanna and I have been A professional photographer for 15+ years. I live in the central California foothills. My photography style is a relaxed documentary, however, I adapt as needed to a traditional more formal style. I have a genuine passion for photography and its never-ending learning curve. IContinue reading “JRP Wedding Photography”

Wide angle Perspective

http://purespeedphoto.photoshelter.com/image/I00002C0zzHKjl_s Wide-angle Perspective Wide angle lens Shooting Backward one-handed from passenger window not looking just point and click… Next, to night photography this is a fun way to get random sometimes lucky shots…